Town of Ste Anne

Passé fier, avenir prospère.
Proud Past, Promising Future

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Public Services

education / daycare


École Pointe-des-Chênes

Address                                                    Contact us

90 Arena Road                                                     Website 
Ste. Anne, MB  R5H 1G6                                     204-422-5505

Principal: Brian Martel
Vice Principal: Vivianne Sarrasin-Lilke                                        

Ste. Anne Immersion

Address                                                    contact us

167 St. Alphonse Avenue                                      Website
Ste. Anne, MB  R5H 1G3                                   204-422-8762

Principal: Mireille Bazin-Berryman


Ste. Anne Collegiate

Address                                                    contact us

197 St. Alphonse Avenue                                      Website  
Ste. Anne, MB  R5H 1G3                                  204-422-5417

Principal: Yvan St. Vincent
Vice Principal: Chris Szun                                                         

Ste. Anne Elementary School

Address                                                    contact us

177 St. Alphonse Avenue                                      Website
Ste. Anne, MB  R5H 1G3                                   204-422-8776

Principal: Yvan St. Vincent                                            
Vice Principal: Karen Thiessen


Ste. Anne Adult Learning Centre

Address                                                    Contact us

34 Centrale Avenue                                              Website
Ste. Anne, MB  R5H 1B8                                   204-422-5627

Director: Fiorella LaVergna

Children of the Universe Daycare

Address                                                       contact us

116 Centrale Avenue                                                 Email

Children of the Universe daycare offers childcare services to English families in the surrounding area.  The daycare can care for up to 40 children, ranging in age from infant to 12 years old.  If you would like more information about the daycare, please contact them at or 204 422-5182

Garderie les petits amis

Address                                                       contact us

90 Arena Rd                                                             Email


Garderie Les Petits Amis offers child care services to bilingual families in the surrounding area. We offer children the opportunity to learn  in a french based environment. The daycare can take care of up to 45 children, ranging in ages from infant to 12 years old.  If you would like more information about the daycare, please contact us at or 204 422-8933.